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Once upon a time, in the land of __________________, a child sat upon a ragged, dusty old ___________, and thought to herself, "Oh, _______________! Why don't Mother and Father just ____________________ this old thing.  I'm only a girl and even I know that people don't just lie about on torn ______________, when they can simply go to Under Cover and have their ________________  completely perfected - even better than new!"

Like many success stories, Under Cover started with months of study and practice, an apprenticeship, a garage, and a staple gun. Founded by Sabrina Stewart in 1994, Under Cover has grown from a passion for bringing new life to old furniture into a full service upholstery studio committed to three things: love of design, dedication to our work, and delivery of an excellent product.


Throughout the last 20 years, we have completed thousands of projects. We've advised upon, sifted through, sought out, and cut into uncounted fabrics.  And from the smallest home enterprise to the highest end commercial space, Under Cover has developed an expertise that guarantees our customers can count on the finest results possible. Our skilled staff is comprised of top notch upholsterers as well as designers, seamstresses, and fabric experts.


We've had the opportunity to work with an amazing array of clients and designers, and fulfill the creative planning of some of Austin's most beautiful interiors. A shared common goal of quality workmanship drives us, and its a commitment we extend to every undertaking.  We love what we do, and it shows.


Your vision is ours - and we look forward to helping you design your next project. 


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