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How to Measure for Yardage

Below are simple instructions that outline the measurements needed to estimate yardage. While we are happy to assist you in your fabric choices, sometimes it's easier for you to measure your pieces at home. That way, you will know what to anticipate as far as fabric costs. You may also be ordering the fabric yourself, and need a number to take to the fabric store.

Be sure to note your pattern repeat, the vertical dimensions (V) and horizontal dimensions (H). If you are going with a solid, then you are off the hook!

There are 8 total measurements you can take. All should be in inches. The more unusual the shape of your furniture, and the larger your pattern repeat, the more important it is to get all measurements.

Chair for measuring - cheat.jpg

  • BACK: Height of back (including skirt if applicable) and width across back from edge to edge.

  • BACK CUSHION: Height and width of back cushion (if applicable).

  • SEAT CUSHION: Depth and width of seat cushion or attached seat.

  • ARMS: Depth of arm from back to front, and length around arm from seat to floor.

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